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My book in format 21x21 cm contains a collection of 22 pictures of my works made in acrylic technique with associated spiritually transmitted quotations as well as two further, for me particularly meaningful and also medially received messages in each case at the beginning and at the end of the book. The reader gets an insight into how my texts and images come about and why I call them soul portals. (More about this also in the section "Soul Portals"). In addition there is a small suggestion at the end of the book how you can use the images and quotes as a gateway to awareness for yourself.

The "Soul Portals" are available for purchase at the price of € 19.90

-  at me personally in Weiden, Herrmannstraße 20,

-  at Schäferhof Müller, Spielberger Straße 1, 92727 Lennesrieth/Waldthurn

- in the cafe "Polotti" (=post office and lottery) in Luhe-Wildenau or

- at Jutta Lorenz/"Energetic Haircut", in Nittenau, Schlößlgartenweg 9.


Since February 2021 my book is also available in English with the title "Soul Portals".


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