My personal philosophy is based on many life experiences, which I perceived as very drastic and painful. The knowledge gained from these experiences led me, among other things, to the conviction that nothing of what happens happened by chance and that we humans are here to learn, to mature and to become more and more aware of our divine origin and thus of our creative power.

That's why I believe neither in guilt nor in victimhood. Rather, I believe that by taking personal responsibility and by thinking and acting in a self-determined way, we can significantly steer our ship of life ourselves and make it go the direction we want.

As spiritual and energetic beings, we are inseparable. That is what we are beyond all imaginable boundaries. There is no separation when looking with the eyes of the soul.

In order to attain full awareness of our divine origin we need appropriate living conditions and life experiences. That's what we plan before our birth. Therefore, every human being reaches earth with a very individual soul plan. In order to be able to fulfill it, he needs other souls or people who help him and with whom he makes certain agreements before his incarnation: so-called SOUL AGREEMENTS. For this he always receives loving support from spiritual helpers.


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