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Would you like to know...

...why I call myself an ambassador of the spiritual world?

...how it came about and what is actually meant by it?

...who I am, where I live and what is essential for me?

Then come and join me for taking a look at my life.


My very ordinary life:

My name is Claudia Thoma. I was born in 1970 in Weiden, where I spent my school years and where I lived and still live most of the time. After graduating from high school I studied for the teaching profession at elementary schools in Regensburg. During the time of my studies, I repeatedly traveled to distant countries for several weeks. There I was able to gain valuable experience and insights into foreign cultures. The first state examination was followed by a stay of several months as a volunteer in a poor district in Santiago de Chile, before I began my legal clerkship in the fall of 1994. I finished my teacher training in 1996 with the second state examination. Due to a lack of employment, I earned my living over a period of two years with different activities in equally different areas. In 1998, I was finally appointed to an elementary school in Upper Bavaria. Mainly because of my already then beginning health problems, which increased more and more in the following years, I was transferred back to the Upper Palatinate after one year. There I worked at a school for children with special educational needs until my early retirement in 2016.


My spiritual life:

My spiritual path really began in January 2008, when my intense experiences with illness, which had been going on for several years at that time, reached their peak with a severe intoxication of vaccines. For months I suffered from massive physical symptoms, which drove me from doctor to doctor. However none of them could really help me. By happy coincidences - or rather lucky coincidences - I finally ended up with my doctor in June, to whom I feel most sincerely indebted to this day. During the therapy, which extended over many years, I was allowed to gain a completely different understanding of illness through our conversations. Soon I no longer saw myself as the helpless victim but I became aware that I myself was significantly responsible for it and could contribute to getting well again. The decisive factor for me was the realization that body, mind and soul influence each other and that real healing is only possible if this fact is taken into account.

More and more I became interested in alternative healing methods, especially due to an enormous suffering. At the same time the desire to share the knowledge I had acquired through my painful experiences with other people and thereby spare them unnecessary suffering, or at least reduce it, grew ever greater. As a teacher, I wanted to better understand my students, some of whom suffered from massive mental health issues. So I decided to learn the profession of a psychotherapist while working. During this training, a course participant drew my attention to a medium in Munich. Although at that time I had no idea about aura and chakras and the concept of channeling was completely foreign for me, I felt an indescribable urge inside me to get to know this medium, a woman. 

Immediately after the first contact in the context of a workshop I was "infected" and under great physical strain I began, in the same year, my training as an aura therapist, which I completed in the summer of 2011. During this period I was able to get more and more in contact with my soul and the spiritual world. I was allowed to discover my gift for clearvoyance and began to cultivate it intensively and joyfully from now on.

Although my occupation as a teacher as well as the simultaneous raising of my then still small son, in view of the unstable state of my health, brought me many times to the limit of my mental and physical resilience, I was able to continue to follow my soul path thanks to the support especially of my then husband and my parents. I used every free minute to get to the bottom of the cause of my illnesses and illnesses in general even more intensively. In the unshakable hope of recovery, I sought out various healers and mediums, read specialized literature, listened to lectures, attended workshops and seminars, and tried out different therapeutic methods. Although this allowed me to heal more and more slowly and step by step, I still suffered severe episodes of illness. In 2016 hospitalization was necessary for the second time, but my condition would not improve even after several weeks of rehabilitation. Probably also due to the simultaneous breakdown of my marriage of many years and the resulting additional emotional stress, I was no longer able to practice my profession. This eventually led to early retirement.

It was in the darkest hours that the light of my spiritual helpers seemed to shine the brightest and in which I was allowed to feel an indescribably strong and almost inexhaustible source of love and power. Despite my initial skepticism, the gentle, loving spiritual messages became clearer and more unmistakable over time. After I had to go to the hospital again for treatment at the beginning of 2017, I finally travelled to England in the summer to complete a medial training there. Through the daily intensive practice, my connection to the spiritual world strengthened constantly. I continued this training at home. Today I can feel the absolutely peaceful and loving presence of my spiritual helpers at every minute. I am grateful for their messages, some of which are characterized by profound, wonderful humor.

My vision for the future is to bring heaven to earth. I know that this is an illusion for many people. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that it is our very destiny to be happy and that as divine beings we are capable of achieving far more than we are commonly led to believe. 


In deep spiritual connectedness,

Claudia Thoma




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